Digitel DT SHDSL C/S  Available

Higher speed for less cost!

DT SHDSL C/S unit comes in 2 wire or 2/4-wire standalone NTU or a rack mount card that fits is a rack accommodating 16 NTUs.  This product line is supplied in various models that are distinguished by the choice of DTE interfaces and line capacity.

Input interface choices include V.35/V.36, E1 G.703/G.704 (75/120 Ohm) and Ethernet Router 10/100BaseTX.

Please look at our product listing for the product model numbers, description and specifications, click on ORDER to request an immediate quote.

In order to use the DT SHDSL C/S NTU  instead of the Alcatel 2801 DTU, you need to implement the following steps.


  1. Upgrade the Mainstreet 3600 Control card, we can provide this upgrade so please contact us for pricing.


  1. Install in the Mainstreet 3600 the Alcatel GSLC-12 card (this will handle 8 NTU circuits)  please ask us for availability of the GSLC-12 card.


  1. Connect the 2-wire or 2/4-wire DT SHDSL C/S NTU line port to the Alcatel GSLC-12 card installed in the Mainstreet 3600.

  1. We ship the NTU with a "step by step" configuration procedure!  


We provide free installation and configuration support if you need it, just send us an email to sales@nationaldatamux.com when ever you require technical help.

In summary, you will need the control card upgrade, the GSLC-12 card and the DT.SHDSL C/S NTU.
We have all these parts available. A user manual will accompany the DT SHDSL C/S NTU.

Please look at our product listing for the product model numbers, description and specifications.
Click on ORDER  to request a quote and we will  reply right away.


Digitel DT SHDSL C/S Technical Specifications Page


Also please take a look at our Digitel Applications Page.




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