Loop-AM3420 Access Multiplex

  • DSU functionality integrated with an intelligent CSU4 slots available for 4 plug-in types:
    8-port U-interface plug-in compatible to Loop-U 3500
    3-port HDSL-interface plug-in compatible to Loop-H 3900 with line power option
    6-port V.35 interface plug-in
    5-port RS232/ X.50/ X.50 mux interface plug-in
    Plug-in with E1 and Router Interface
  • Any combinations of n x 64 Kbps data streams can be multiplexed to fill an E1 or T1 line
  • Connection to LAN/WAN or host services
  • Remote configuration and diagnostics
  • Optional GUI NMS with LoopView
  • Optional in-band 64-Kbps management
  • 2-line by 40-character LCD and key pad for local administration, monitoring, and maintenance
  • LED indicators for each port
  • Single AC or redundant DC plug-in modules
  • Remote download of software
  • SNMP Network Management Systems or simple terminal supervisory port

Loop-AM 3420 is an Access Multiplexer that can combine various digital access interfaces
into a single E1 or T1 line for convenient transport and switching.

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