Loop-AM3440-A/B-Mini Quad E1 Interface Card

  • Usable as a CSU/ DSU
  • Full TSI capability among all time slots in the main unit
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Software field upgradeable



Loop Telecom’s Mini Quad E1 plug-in card is designed for the 1/2 slot of Loop-AM3440 series. They allow each
DS0 time slot in T1 or E1 interfaces to be interchanged and multiplexed onto a digital network.
Continuous error checking, performance polling, and in-service diagnostics are provided through the main
controller of the Loop-AM3440 series.
Great for intra-building E1 connections or drops from SONET/SDH network. For outside connections where
lightning protection is required please use our full Quad E1 interface card.

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Mini Quad E1 Interface with 75 ohm

For AM3440-CHA and
AM3440-CHB only
Includes a one meter conversion
cable (Loop-ACC-CAB-DB25M-

Loop-AM3440-M4E120 Loop-AM3440-M4E120-G Mini Quad E1 Interface with 120 ohm For AM3440-CHA and
AM3440-CHB only
Includes a one meter conversion
cable (Loop-ACC-CAB-DB25M-
Loop-ACC-CAB-DB25M-100-8BNCM DB25/Male to eight BNC/Male cable; Length: 100 cm
Loop-ACC-CAB-DB25M-100-4RJ45 DB25/Male to four RJ45 (8P8C Plug) cable; Length: 100 cm

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Product Specifications
Network Line Interface - 4E1
Line Rate 2.048 Mbps ± 50 ppm Framing ITU G.704
Line Code AMI or HDB3 Connector DB25S
Input Signal ITU G.703 to -10dB Electrical 75 ohm Coax/120 ohm twisted pair
Output Signal ITU G.703 Jitter ITU G.823
Performance Monitor
Performance Store Last 24 hours performance in 15-minute intervals and last 7 days in 24-hour summary line, user, and remote site
Performance Reports Date & Time, Errored Second, Degraded Minutes, Unavailable Second, Bursty Errored
Second, Severe Errored Second, Controlled Slip Second, and Loss of Frame Count
Alarm History Date & Time, Alarm Type (i.e. Master Clock Loss, RAI, AIS, LOS, BPV, ES, CS), and Location (i.e. line, DTE)
Alarm Queue Maximum 40 alarm records which record the latest alarm type, location, and date & time
Threshold Bursty Seconds, Severely Errored Second, Degraded Minutes



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