Loop-AM3440 - G.shdsl Interface Card

  • Data rate of n x 64 Kbps, n=1 to max n, where max n= 1-31
  • Distances vary by line rate.
  • Uses industry standard PAM line format.
  • Software field upgradeable
  • One-LED indication per port
  • Two Port G.shdsl card supports 1+1 protection

Loop Telecom’s G.shdsl plug-in card is designed for the Loop-AM3440 series. This card allows direct connection
to wire pairs using 16PAM transmission technology. Versatility of this card comes from the choice of data rates,
with the lower data rates applicable to longer reaches. The G.shdsl plug-in card can work with Loop-H 3300, and
is compatible with other G.shdsl equipment.
The G.shdsl plug-in card supports configuration and diagnostics using a local or remote terminal connected to the
main unit. This allows in-service diagnostics and fault isolation.

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(non RoHS compliant)

(RoHS compliant)


 For AM3440-CHA and
AM3440-CHB only

Loop-AM3440-2GH Loop-AM3440-2GH-G 2-channel G.SHDSL plug-in module (2 pair)
Loop-AM3440-4GH Loop-AM3440-4GH-G 4-channel G.SHDSL plug-in module (1 pair)  For AM3440-CHA and
AM3440-CHB only
Loop-AM3440-2GHL Not available 2-channel G.SHDSL plug-in module with line
power source (140 VDC, 110mA), (2 pair)
With line power, takes 2
DTE slots per card.
Need fan tray.
For AM3440-CHA only
Loop-AM3440-4GHL Not available 4-channel G.SHDSL plug-in module with line
power source (190 VDC, 60mA), (1 pair)
With line power, takes 2
DTE slots per card.
Need fan tray.
For AM3440-CHA only

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G.shdsl Interface Card for Loop-AM3440 Access DCS-MUX Product Specifications

  • G.shdsl Line Interface
  • Number of port: 4 or 2
  • Line code: 16-TCPAM, full duplex with adaptive echo cancellation
  • Line rate for 4-channel G.shdsl: n x 64Kbps (n= 3 to 31)
  • Line rate for 2-channel G.shdsl: n x 64Kbps (n= 3 to 15)
  • Electrical: Unconditioned 19-26 AWG twisted pair
  • Connector: RJ45
  • Sealing current: Max. 20 MA source current Clock
  • Source: From System, Line
  • Diagnostics Test
  • G.shdsl Loopback: To-LINE, To-bus




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