Loop-AM3440 - Terminal Server Card

  • Terminal Server functionality
  • Up to 2 SYNC ports
  • Up to 3 ASYNC ports
  • Built in Router functions
  • Supports 5 IP addresses

Loop Telecomís Terminal Server module is a plug-in card that has both synchronous and asynchronous
interface capability and also allows to interface with raw RS232 data at the Network Control Center. It is
designed for use in the Loop-AM3440 series.
The Terminal server module could support three RS232 interfaces. One interface (DTE3) is fixed for RS232
ASYNC interface. The other two interfaces (DTE1 and DTE2) could be configured as ASYNC or SYNC interface
independently. Router function is built inside the plug-in. The main function of this plug-in is to convert
PPP/SYNC, SLIP/ASYNC and raw data to IP packet. The IP packet will be sent to the routing engine on the card,
then sent to T1/E1 through the Time Slot Interchange of the Loop-AM3440 series.

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(non RoHS compliant)

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Loop-AM3440-TS Loop-AM3440-TS-G Terminal Server interface card Includes a one meter
conversion cable
(Loop-ACC-CAB-DB44M-100- 2DB25F-1DB09F)
Loop-AM3440-TS-UM Loop-AM3440-TS-UM Userís Manual (paper hard copy--optional). A CD version of the manual is already included as standard equipment.
Loop-ACC-CAB-DB44M-100-2DB25F-1DB09F DB44/Male to two DB25/ Female and one DB9/Female cable; Length: 100 cm

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Product Specifications

Terminal Server
Connector One DB-44 conversion cable to one DB-9 and two DB-25 connectors
Ports One Async RS232 port, two Async / Sync RS232 ports.
The two Async / Sync ports can be configured independently as Async or
Async: 1.2kbps, 2.4kbps, 4.8kbps, 9.6kbps, 19.2kbps, Data Rate s, 38.4kbps
Sync: 64 kbps
Layer 2 Protocol of RS232 Async SLIP or raw data
Layer 2 Protocol of RS232 Sync PPP
Terminal Server Function Supports Telnet
Router Function RIP-I, RIP-II, Static Route



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