Loop-AM3440 -E&M Voice Card

  • RJ45 ◊ 8 connector for E&M
  • E&M signaling types are supported: Type 1,
  • Type 2, Type 3, Type 4 and Type 5.
  • Programmable gain setting per-port
  • A side and B side supported (A side is exchange side, B side is carrier side)
  • 2 wire, 4 wire supported
  • Transmit only (TO) type supported
  • A-law or μ-law coding
  • Intended for use with 110-220Vac or -48Vdc powered main units.

Loop Telecomís E&M plug-in card is designed for the Loop-AM3440 device. It allows 8 ports E&M interfaces to be
multiplexed to eight 64 Kbps DS0 signals. It can also be used as TO (Transmit Only)
Voice coding can be selected as either A-law or μ-law.
This unit can be used on systems running 110-220Vac or -48Vdc power supply.

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Loop-AM 3440-8EM-x

Loop-AM 3440-8EM-x-G

8-channel 2W/4W E&M plug-in module

􀂄 where x is used to select ABCD signaling bits type:
x = Description Note
E Follows ETSI signaling bits
A Follows ANSI signaling bits
R Reverse for ON-HOOK and OFF-HOOK signaling bits exchange
S Follows customerís special bit or function assignment
AR Follows ANSI signaling bits and reverse bit
Jumper selectable for all channels

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Product Specifications
Voice Card (E&M)
Connector RJ45 x 8
Alarm Conditioning CGA busy after 2.5 seconds of LOS, LOF
Encoding A-law or μ-law, user selectable together for all
Impedance Balanced 600 or 900 ohms
Longitudinal Conversion Loss > 46dB
Gain Adjustment (Per-port setting) -10 to +7 dB / 0.1dB step for transmit (D/A) gain
-10 to +14 dB / 0.1dB step for receive (A/D) gain
I/O power range A/D input level: -66 dBm (0.00039 Vrms) ~ + 3 dBm (1.09 Vrms)
D/A output level: -66 dBm (0.00039 Vrms) ~ + 7 dBm (1.74 Vrms)
Signal/Distortion > 25dB with 1004 Hz, 0dBm input
Frequency Response - 0.25 to -1 dB from 300 to 3400 Hz
Carrier connection Side A ( exchange side) and Side B (carrier side) setup by side switch
wire mode 2 wire and 4 wire
Signaling Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, and Type 5, Transmit only (programmable)
All in-band signaling tones are carried transparently by the digitizing process.
Customer is responsible for in-band signaling compatibility between a telephone and a switch, or between a PBX and a switch.



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