What do we do?

We specialize in the sale and repair of data communications equipment, focused mainly on WAN gear. Our company National Data Mux was established in 1989 and since then we have accumulated in depth experience with  G.SHDSL NTUs, CSUs, DSUs , Routers, Remote access products, Terminal Servers, T1, E1 products like bandwidth managers, DACS, channel banks and many others. National Data Mux sells all over continental America and our exports to the rest of the world  are increasing. Please feel free to contact us for all you data communication needs. The desire to help you is our delight.

What is SHDSL?

Also known as G.991.2, G.SHDSL is an international standard for symmetric DSL developed by the ITU. G.SHDSL provides for sending and receiving high-speed symmetrical data streams over a single pair of copper wires at rates between 192 kbps and 2.31 Mbps. G.SHDSL was developed to incorporate the features of other DSL technologies, such as ADSL and SDSL and will transport T1,E1, ISDN, ATM and IP signals. This is the first DSL technology to be developed from the ground up as an international standard.

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Loop AM3440 Multi-Services Cross Connect

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