Loop Parts List

Model   Number  Description Quote
Loop-H3300R G.SHDSL
Loop-H3300S G.SHDSL
Loop-H3310 G.SHDSL Stand Alone
Loop-H3900R Multi Rate xDSL Data Transport
Loop-H3900S Multi Rate xDSL Data Transport
Copper Pipe Reuse
Loop-H3300-3S G.SHDSL Stand Alone
Loop-H3308 Ethernet over Bonded Rack Card
Loop-H3308S Ethernet over Bonded G.SHDSL.bis
Loop-IP6416 IP-IMUX
Loop-IP6440 IP I-MUX
Loop-U3500S DTU (IDSL)
Access Multiplexer
Loop-AM3410 Access Multiplex
Loop-AM3420 Access Multiplex
Enterprise IP CPE
Loop-IP6500 VPN Router
Loop-IP6510 Multiple WAN Router/Bridge
Loop-IP6610 E1/DS1/DTE Router/Bridge Box
Integral Shelf
Loop-C5400 Integral Access Shelf
Loop-C5500 Integral Access Shelf
Loop-C5600 Multi-Services Shelf
Ethernet Access
Loop-IP6300 MSPLC
Loop-IP6324 IP-DSLAM
Loop-IP6348 IP DSLAM
Loop-IP6800 Self-Healing Ring NTU
Loop-IP7910 Ethernet Demarcation Device
Multi-Services Cross Connect - AM3440
Loop-AM3440 Access DCS_MUX
Loop-AM3440 B Access DCS_MUX
Plug-in Car ds for AM3440-A/B
Loop-AM3440 FXO Box
Loop-AM3440 Y-Box
Loop-AM3440 A Router Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B Magneto Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B- 12 FXS/FXO Voice Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B- E&M Voice Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B- LS-Fiber Optical Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B- Mini Quad E1 Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B- QT1/QE1Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - 24 FXS/FXO Voice Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - 6U/10U Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - 8RS232 Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - Dry Contact Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - Fiber Optical Interface
Loop-AM3440 A/B - G. shdsl Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - G.703 Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - Router-B Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - T1/ E1 ATM/ Frame Relay Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - T1/ E1 Interface Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B - Terminal Server Card
Loop-AM3440 A/B Router-A
Loop-AM3440 A/B V.35/ X.21/V.36/RS449/EI530/ RS232
Loop-AM3440 B - QE&M Voice Card
Loop-AM3440 B - QFXS/QFXO Voice Cards
Loop-E1200 FE1 CSU/DSU
Loop-E1500 (Rack Card)
Loop-E1500 (Stand Alone)
Loop-E1510 (Rack Card)



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